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N° 6 Once upon a Time at the Wash House of St.Tropez

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Clean Linens – 100 mL

To celebrate the good memory of laundry, clean linen or soap, The Wash House of St.Tropez transports you to an ancestral memory. A fragrance of fresh cotton, clean linen that is spread by the sun.


All of our perfumes are our creations and each fragrance is carefully made by our perfumer in Grasses.


20 cents from this purchase will be donated to the Aldinie Foundation.

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Each fragrance is inspired by the St Tropez lifestyle, les Senteurs Tropeziennes “essence”.

St Tropez has three old laundry rocks, still visible to the naked eye!

The most famous is located near the Place des Lices, on Quaranta Street. The second one is closest to the village entrance, by Allard Street. The third one closed up in the 2000’s and was located by the Citadel.

Those daily trips to do laundry were designated chores at first, but the laundresses somehow turned it into a meeting spot and eventually everyone was joining them, allowing the village’s population to gather and meet new acquaintances.

Kids playing, laughing, running around the lavatories, enjoying the warm sunlight’s, in an animated and joyful atmosphere!

Clean laundry and soaps, a fresh and familiar scent, bringing you back to your sweet childhood memories!

A light scent, paired with the warm Mediterranean weather, no wonder our laundresses were always in a cheerful mood at work!  Water is known for it’s calming and relaxing benefits, whether you just listen to the drips or watch it flow, it is undeniably therapeutic.

White flowers infused water, jasmine, and clean fresh cotton! Such pleasant smells while you’re hanging your laundry under your backyard’s sunlight’s. Probably the one childhood memory we all have in common!

Discover our perfume creation, a soothing cotton, jasmine and ylang ylang blend, in a decorative and elegant bottle, a chic touch for your home!

All our perfumes are created in our Grasse laboratory. High quality, luxury home fragrances and perfumes made in the world capital of perfume! Bring back home an aromatic and authentic souvenir of St Tropez to share with your friends and family the delectable scents of your sweet childhood.


  • TOP NOTES : Aldehydes, Rose
  • MIDDLE NOTES : Jasmine, White flowers, Ylang
  • BASE NOTES: Vanilla, Musk


Rose, White flowers, Ylang Ylang, Musk

Luxury perfume made in Grasse, diluted with natural beets alcohol

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