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Pet’s perfumes: Gentle pet perfumes 50 ML

Discover our deodorizing pet’s perfume

We have created an « Eau de Toilette » specifically for our furry friends!

A light, delicate, clean fragrance for cats & dogs! A pleasant and ideal deodorizing perfume for our four legged friends!

After bathing, lightly spray your pet’s neck and back to finish off the pampering experience! You can also spray your cat’s litter or any other pet’s accessories. Our deodorizing pet’s perfume is a must have to their grooming essentials.

A floral citrus top blend perfectly balanced with jasmine, musk and orange blossom base notes.

Discover the perfume in an elegant, round bottle; nothing is too chic for our little friends!!

  • Top notes: Tangerine, Petit Grain
  • Middle notes: Vanilla, Rose, Jasmine, and White Flowers
  • Base notes: Musk, Orange Blossom