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Oversized Pillar scented candles

Create a magical home ambiance with our oversized scented candles.

The delicate scent of this long lasting candle combined with its warm cozy light will enhance your home decor by providing a relaxing and romantic atmosphere, ideal for a moment of meditation and serenity.

Just like our regular size scented candles, our 1kg long lasting candles highlights the talent of our perfume makers who are dedicated to create exceptional fragrances in Grasse, the Capital of Perfume.

The elegant candle jar is a stylish addition to your home decor, meticulously designed to enhance its main purpose: diffuse its delicate fragrance.

Our great selection of candles will help you create a harmonious home ambiance, throughout seasons or emotions with fruity, citrusy or sweet delicate scents.

Have a look at our complete numbered collection « Saint-Tropez French Riviera ».

Escape for a moment and enjoy the magical universe of Les Senteurs Tropeziennes. Awaken your senses and indulge into the wonderful olfactory experience of an unforgettable trip around French Riviera’s voluptuous nature.