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Who are we?

« Les Senteurs Tropeziennes » is an aromatic memory of your St Tropez vacations. Our original perfumes are all created in Grasse, allowing you to bring home those exceptional and authentic Provencal scents.

Saint-Tropez, the worldwide renowned charismatic town, composed by all natural fragrances, sourced in the French Riviera!

The local elements of nature generously complimented by seasonal fruity, floral, woody and spiced scents …

An outstanding beauty offered by Mother Nature.

The wonderful and colorful village was certainly one of the key element in the launch of Les Senteurs Tropeziennes!

We are committed to most accurately reconstitute the olfactory universe of the extraordinary fisherman’s village of St Tropez.

Our perfumes are created with all natural ingredients and beets alcohol. Each fragrance is uniquely elaborated to re-create a souvenir of your st Tropez vacation, whether it was a family gathering or friends weekend get away. Enjoy the scents and memories of your St Tropez vacation back home! Awaken your senses and olfactory memories with our scented candles collection! All handmade in Grasse, the wonderful Capital of Perfume, our fragrances are absolutely unique and will add a chic touch to your home ambiance.

Don’t let your St Tropez souvenirs fade away!

Enjoy a throwback of your St Tropez holidays by discovering our original scents, available in a complete body care & home fragrance collection.

From charming littoral walks, old dirt roads, the Citadel, the old Port, to the aromatic Mediterranean old paved streets, dive in to the authenticity of St Tropez Excellency.

Just like a cultural and ancestral tale, les Senteurs Tropeziennes is a story, a precious moment, a hidden secret or special memory of your wonderful seaside trip.

Every time you will light up the candle, the memories will resurface.

Les Senteurs Tropeziennes is a kiss by the beach; a secret whispered in your ear under an Olive tree, your hair delicately brushed by sea waves, an unforgettable boat trip, your skin kissed by the sun and Mediterranean Sea salt.

Les Senteurs Tropéziennes is also an olfactory journey around the world!

Les Senteurs Tropeziennes wishes to honor the inspiring town of St Tropez by highlighting all its wonderful fragrances, while still sharing with our clientele some others distinctive Europeans scents.

Les senteurs tropeziennes decided to created a unique « around the world » collection, to recreate the magic scent of all countries, based on their history and cultures!

Les Senteurs Tropeziennes are determined and will never cease to share with you their love of travelling throughout their fragrances!

With our perfumes and scented candles, we take you on a journey to Paris, St Barth, Corsica, Ibiza, Mykonos and Italy, all very well known for their charismatic fragrances.