As creators of perfume, we put all our efforts into recreating the scents of our environment, from the daily streets to the most famous places in St.Tropez. Our products are made in Grasse, the perfume capital of the world!

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Don’t Let Your Memories Fade in St.Tropez

We have discovered the secrets to recreating the scents from your visit in Saint-Tropez, so that you can keep them with you wherever your travels make take you.

From seaside paths to hikes on the ­­­­dirt trails, from the citadel to the port, from the Mediterranean Sea to the narrow streets lined with bouquets of intoxicating flowers, indulge your spirit in the sweet smells in the local authenticity of Saint-Tropez.

Just as memories are testaments to the instants of life, the perfumes of Les Senteurs Tropéziennes represent every story, every secret and every moment lived during your stop in this seaside town.

Every time you light a scented candle, or you spray a perfume created by Les Senteurs Tropéziennes, all of these memories will return.

The Production of Les Senteurs Tropéziennes
: The Luxury of the Capital of Perfume

As creators of perfume, we use all of our resources to reproduce the aromas of our environment, from the typical streets and the unique locations of Saint-Tropez.

Our products are made in Grasse, the capital of perfume. Grasse is world renowned for its elegance as well as for its production quality in the world of perfumes. Because of the numerous gardens filled with exquisite scents, it is the El Dorado for the training and development of the olfactory repertoires of fine noses.

However, Grasse and its beautiful flowers are much more than a cultural heritage, they are a true ode to authenticity. It is for this reason that they are continue to be an inspiration, that also reflects the olfactory identity of Les Senteurs Tropéziennes.