Les Senteurs Tropéziennes, Creator of perfume in Saint-Tropez

New St Tropez fragrance

Anniversary 5 Years “Saint-Tropez My Love” – 200g

Saint-Tropez my Love, My little magical village. From the top of the citadel of Saint-Tropez, discover Saint-Tropez.
Scents warm, enveloping, reassuring. A majestic immensity that is offered to us. It’s so good, everything flies away, rebirth on the foot of the citadel Tropézienne, under a blue sky mediterranean and bright colors. Saint-Tropez on my face, in my eyes, in my head, in my heart. From the bute to the fisherman’s port, cobblestone streets with colorful, yellow, ocher and beige buildings. Past days, memories again and again, I seek and I refuse so much to be away from you Saint-Tropez my love. Your authenticity, your story is part of my story. Your summer, Spring, Autumn, winters, your 4 seasons I keep them with me.

-T : Strawberry, cinnamon, davana
-C : Labdamum, encens, ciste
-F : Leather, musk

Our original perfumes are all created in Grasse, allowing you to bring home those exceptional Provencal scents.

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The Birth of Les Senteurs
Tropéziennes in St.Tropez

The idea for Les Senteurs Tropéziennes came from an evening walk in 2014 in the French city of Saint-Tropez. A full moon in the sky, stars that lit up the night, the sweet heat of August filled the air…

The scents of the flowers were strong that night. The sweet, delicate fragrances started a fire within us to recreate and share our passion for the beauty of this town.

Les Senteurs Tropéziennes has become an extraordinary adventure born from the atmosphere of Saint-Tropez and the olfactory experiences that we experience within it!

Perfume of Grasse

The traditional expertise of Grasse. The world’s Capital of perfume is nestled in the heartlands of the French Riviera.

Grasse became a prospecting perfume town around the 16th century, when Catherine de Medicis became the Queen of France.

When she first heard about the quality and intense aroma of the Mediterranean flowers, she cancelled her Oriental imports and decided to try the Provencal flowers. Catherine de Medicis elixir of perfumes were then created by her perfume maker Florentin Tombarelli, who elaborated the most precious and unique scents from the wild flowers fields of Grasse.


Les Senteurs Tropéziennes are Engaged!

Commitment is not a concept, it’s a reality!

A percentage of every item purchased goes to supporting the Aldinie Foundation.

A meeting, an adventure, and a fight!

The Aldinie Foundation, with support from the Foundation of France, works to fight for disadvantaged children in Madagascar through financing and providing access to healthcare and education.