As creators of perfume, we put all our efforts into recreating the scents of our environment, from the daily streets to the most famous places in St.Tropez. Our products are made in Grasse, the perfume capital of the world!

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Who are “Les
Senteurs Tropéziennes” ?

The fragrances of Saint-Tropez it is The spirit of the nature, a true concentrate from French Riviera in Saint-Tropez. We are before all, creator of exceptional perfume made with love.
By us for you.

Créatrice Laure - Les Senteurs Tropéziennes



A Selection of Products

All of our perfumes are made with a natural alcohol base. Tous nos parfums sont faits à base d’alcool naturel.


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Les Senteurs Tropéziennes : Creators of Perfume

The Birth of Les Senteurs Tropéziennes in St.Tropez

The idea for Les Senteurs Tropéziennes came from an evening walk in 2014 in the French city of Saint-Tropez. A full moon in the sky, stars that lit up the night, the sweet heat of August filled the air…

The scents of the flowers were strong that night. The sweet, delicate fragrances started a fire within us to recreate and share our passion for the beauty of this town.

Les Senteurs Tropéziennes has become an extraordinary adventure born from the atmosphere of Saint-Tropez and the olfactory experiences that we experience within it!


Les Senteurs Tropéziennes are Engaged!

Commitment is not a concept, it’s a reality!

A percentage of every item purchased goes to supporting the Aldinie Foundation.

A meeting, an adventure, and a fight!

The Aldinie Foundation, with support from the Foundation of France, works to fight for disadvantaged children in Madagascar through financing and providing access to healthcare and education.


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